Why Motivation Is Overrated

If you thought that was just a catchy headline to grab and then disappoint readers, you’re wrong. Motivation is incredibly overrated. “But that’s what got me to work out today!” you’re saying. Next you challenge me with something like “How am I supposed to get anything done without motivation?” Let me know how soon your … Continue reading Why Motivation Is Overrated

Impostor Syndrome: Why You Might Feel Stupid

Do you ever look around at work and wonder “why am I here?”. No, not “why didn’t I play hookie to eat ice cream and binge watch Daredevil”, but “I don’t belong here with these people who are better than me”. This phenomenon is called impostor syndrome, and you’re not alone. Impostor syndrome can kick … Continue reading Impostor Syndrome: Why You Might Feel Stupid

What Being a Software Developer Has Taught Me About Failure

The most accomplished people in history are remembered for their successes. The countless failures that lead up to them are often left long forgotten. Thomas Edison had teachers tell him he was too stupid to learn- he ended up with 2,332 patents worldwide. Lincoln failed in his business ventures and lost at least one election … Continue reading What Being a Software Developer Has Taught Me About Failure

You Want to Know How Much You Suck: Why Feedback is Important

You think you want all your seniors to tell you "you're doing a great job!". You probably want to attempt to hide your weaknesses and pretend they aren't there. No one will ever find out, right? No. Positive feedback is nice. It feels good to have a strength recognized. But you know what's even better? Hearing about a weakness, so you can work on the weakness to either make it a strength or at least reduce how much of a weakness it is.