5 Lessons to Get In a Creative Groove

We live in a world giving us so much entertainment, excitement and distraction that it is incredibly hard to give your creativity room to breathe. You might watch a show and feel inspired to write a chapter of the book you’re working on, but then Netflix gives you the “Next Episode Starts in 30 Seconds” … Continue reading 5 Lessons to Get In a Creative Groove

How to Manage Your Subscriptions

We all have that subscription service that slowly drains our bank account month by month.. I’m not here to say you should stop using Netflix or other things you enjoy. I’m not even here to tell you that you should change your lifestyle in any way. I’ve simply written this post to help you keep … Continue reading How to Manage Your Subscriptions

Why Motivation Is Overrated

If you thought that was just a catchy headline to grab and then disappoint readers, you’re wrong. Motivation is incredibly overrated. “But that’s what got me to work out today!” you’re saying. Next you challenge me with something like “How am I supposed to get anything done without motivation?” Let me know how soon your … Continue reading Why Motivation Is Overrated