New Site Design! And a Mailing List!

If you’ve visited our site in the past couple days, you probably noticed there was a site redesign! This was to try to get the site more organized and easier to navigate. We also now have much easier access to archives by month and by subject as we’re growing our content! You’ll notice we also now have different pages for Home, Blog and Contact Us.

Also, we now have a mailing list! If you want to keep up with what we are doing, sign up here. We plan to send emails announcing new posts as well as a monthly newsletter including some recommended reads outside of Escape the Box! There will also be some other exclusive content that you’ll receive for being a subscriber.

If you’ve missed this month’s content, we have Knowing Your Value (And Making Sure Your Boss Does Too)Impostor Syndrome: Why You Might Feel Stupid and Consultant or Native? blog posts and a couple podcasts that will be coming out shortly.

Thanks for being a part of Escape the Box!

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