Podcast #3 Is Out! College Habits to Kick

Our third podcast came out the other day! Check it out on itunes, stitcher, google play music or wherever else you get your podcasts from. This one is all about college habits to kick because they will not translate well in the professional world. This is the 3rd podcast in our 4 part intro series aimed at college seniors going into their first job, stay posted to see what career/finance topics we tackle next!

Also, if you’re a college student who is unsure of your resume (or very sure of it), be sure to check out the blog post I put up the other week about How to Not Have a Crappy College Resume. I try to keep it light and humorous so it can be an enjoyable read instead of the drag a lot of self-help blog posts can be. Hopefully I did an adequate job. Great life motto right there- “Always aiming for adequate”. Put it on a poster. Make millions. Send me a thank you card maybe. You can have it- you’re welcome.

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